HEATHERS production
Veronika Hösch, Nora Jacobs
& Nicole Sabella

2013 - ongoing

HEATHERS' Blood Feast - A Talk Fatally Gone Wrong

Live performance series and site-specific interventions

HEATHERS' CUT CUT CUT: The Killer Is Always The Question(naire) - Austrian Edition

Artist book, Edition 500

HEATHERS' CUT CUT CUT: The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller

Artist book, Edition 1.000

Heather Short Cuts


HEATHERS' The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller

Live performance and site-specific installation

HEATHERS' CUT CUT CUT: The Killer Is Always The Question(naire)

Artist book, Edition 500

HoT - Heathers On Tour

Live performance and public interventions

Two Heahters Down, One Heather Standing

Object and video performance

Beep Beep Heather

Live radio performance and intervention in public space


Sound and Performanceinstallation


Live-performance and installation


Live-performance and installation


Yes, there were performances
A project by Raffaela Bielesch and Veronika Hösch

Yes, there were performances

Live-performance and intervention in public space


Project by Veronika Hösch, Suzie Léger, Irma Tulek, Anna Werzowa
and Rine You


Monthly performance salon – die Dondrine, Vienna (AT)


How To Inscribe Yourself in Performance Art History
Project by Suzie Léger, Veronika Hösch & Martha Wilson

How To inscribe Yourself In Performance Art History



{over-} above
Performance series by
Veronika Hösch and Suzie Léger

{over-} above_level 4.3/ crashdown

Live performance

{over-} above_level 4/ well come

Video performance

{over-} above_3.1/ labyrinth

Not realized audio book

{over-} above_level 2.0/ à la carte

Performative folder

{over-} above_level 1.3/ cell

Installation and live performance

{over-} above_1.1/ moon mania

Live performance and installation

{over-} above_level 0

Video performance

{over-} above_level _4.2/ opera

Live and video performance

{over-} above_level 3.2/ transopa

Live performance

{over-} above_level 3/ departure

Live performance

{over-} above__level 1.4/ art skating

Live performance

{over-} above_level_1.2/ art aquarium

Installation and live performance

{over-} above_level 1/ transformator

Video performance and installation

{over-} above_level _trailer

Video performance