3 channel video sound installation

Knock Knock! 5 Women* - Transgenerational Sonic Songs of Labour

5 Women* - Transgenerational Sonic Songs of Labour

3 channel video installation

The video installation 5 women* – Transgenerational Sonic Songs of Labour is about the dying craft of KonKon Zhouri in the mountain village of Kuni. Three women* of different generations reproduce from memory the labour movements necessary for the production of KonKon Zhouri (guest shoes). These movements have also been documented using a thermal imaging camera for the purpose of medial translation into sound. The body heat of the movements determines the soundtrack of the video.


On the textual level of the two other videos, the undocumented history of the craft (material, technique, everyday objects, gender-specific invisibility, etc.) is recapitulated in the form of real interviews. On display are: The Museum of Folk and History in Nakanojo and the Sano Tsunetami Memorial Museum in Saga, Japan.


Concept, Editing, Post-Production & Realisation by:

Veronika Hösch

Production management by:

Takako Yamaguchi

Cinematography by:

Yoko Furukawa. Veronika Hösch, Tora Nakamura & Ura Yamamoto,

Draft, 3d, set design by:

Andreas Radlinger

Sound by:

Marta Forsberg


Special Thanks to women*, who share their craft, knowledge, time and voices and their performance:
Ura Yamamoto, Tora Nakamura, Chiyoko Nakamura, Kazuko Shimoda, Fujiko Kuroiwa of NEDOFUMINOSATO ねどふみの里 & Yoko Furukawa


Presentations of N.R.-AIR programme 2022-23, Nakanojo Townhall, Gunma Prefecture, Nakanojo (JP) 2023