Artist book

Heathers' CUT CUT CUT: The Killer Is Always The Question(naire)

Heathers' Cut Cut Cut: The Killer Is Always The Question(naire)

Artist book

Edition: 500

12 x 18,2 cm | 168 pages | adhesive binding

Self-published in 2022

Freely following our motto Your documentation is my documentation is my material is my next show, Heathers are publishing a performative artist’s book series that documents our work to date, but at the same time is designed as a work in its own right within our performance series. Thus, the re-presentation of Heathers in book form oscillates between an overview of our queer-feminist way of working and the imagining of new stories. It sees itself less as a retelling than as a new narrative, which is intended to open up new perspectives and spaces of interpretation for our work in the sense of a fleeting archive. The publication series is thus reflection and new work at the same time.


Heathers’ CUT CUT: The Killer is always the Question(naire) This script deals with the artistic-research evaluation of women’s roles in horror films. Following the Race-Bechdel-Wallace-Test often used to determine the feminist content of films, a questionnaire with feminist-motivated categories is designed. Based on this questionnaire, only horror films by female* directors produced in the US and Europe are analysed and evaluated in this volume. In the course of our research for the book, the following questions emerged, among others: How many women* die in horror films without ever having said a complete sentence? In which premises do horror film actresses die particularly frequently? What murder tools are used to kill horror film actresses? Do alliances and/or dialogues occur between horror film actresses*? The result of the investigations is not to be compared with an empirically proven study, but creates space for a queer-feminist artistic point of view.


Photos by: 

Veronika Hösch, Nora Jacobs and Nicole Sabella


Graphic Design by:

Veronika Hösch and Nora Jacobs