Artist book

Heathers' CUT CUT CUT: The Killer Is Always The Question(naire) | Austrian Edition

Heathers' Cut Cut Cut: The Killer Is Always The Question(naire) | Austrian Edition

Artist book

Edition: 500

10 cm x 20,3 cm | 68 pages | adhesive binding

Self-published in 2022

Freely following our motto Your documentation is my documentation is my material is my next show, Heathers are publishing a performative artist’s book series that documents our work to date, but at the same time is designed as a work in its own right within our performance series. Thus, the re-presentation of Heathers in book form oscillates between an overview of our queer-feminist way of working and the imagining of new stories. It sees itself less as a retelling than as a new narrative, which is intended to open up new perspectives and spaces of interpretation for our work in the sense of a fleeting archive. The publication series is thus reflection and new work at the same time.


Heathers’ CUT CUT: The Killer is always the Question(naire) | Austrian Edition This script follows the criteria of the previous volume, but focuses on Austrian horror film. In view of the manageable total number, works by both female and male directors are analysed.


Photos by: 

Nora Jacobs


Graphic Design by:
Veronika Hösch and Nora Jacobs