Video installation

looks like she is in the pink

looks like she is in the pink

Video installation | Video Duration: 6 min. | Format: 16:9 | 2K

The video installation looks like she is in the pink provides a pleasurable instruction for action and contextualisation of the app described above. Three hand models, specially cast by the artist, continuously perform the movement sequences that are necessary to produce the red paper carnations

They do this in an empty hall and film each other as they do so. The performers thus pursue their gainful employment as hand models, whereby their activity in this case consists of activating their own body memory in order to help women’s forgotten or unseen work gain new visibility.

Text by Georgia Holz



Anabell Edy, Dianna Ojo and Gabriele Putz


Camera by:

Anabell Edy, Veronika Hösch, Dianna Ojo and Gabriele Putz

Concept, editing, post-production by:

Veronika Hösch

Production and field recording by:

Vivienne Wallner


Set photography by:

Raffaela Bielesch


Set design by:
Andreas Radlinger


Autoarchive ReLoaded, Factory, Künstlerhaus, Wien (AT) 2021

SLOW WAVE I & II, IntAkt Gallerie, WUK, Wien (AT) 2021