Film installation  



Film installation (sound, color) | Duration: 3:23 min. | Format: Super8 Scans & 16:9 Full HD, 4K | 2020

The video work Kari documents the Labor History Mural in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, just before the abandoned building was being demolished. Within the background of the often invisible history of the working class, I filmed the mural that was painted by the American artist Kari Sandhaas at the former union room between 1984 and 1986. The acrylic paint of the mural was directly applied to the wooden board of the hall and reflects Sandhaas’ interest in social realism and public art. The painted scenes are based on her local labor history research and refer to the union struggles of the past and their impact on today’s workers.

The film Kari documents the disappearing mural and deals with the impact of often lack of attention on working class history and gathering places.


In which places does history take place or did it take place?
According to which criteria is it told and the place measured?
Which stories are told and which could still be told?


Cinematography by:

Veronika Hösch

Composition by:

Septian Dwi Cahyo


Online VideoSoundArchive, curated by DEBBIE Y.J. LIN and Bridget Moreen