Artist book

Heathers' CUT CUT CUT: The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller

Heathers' CUT CUT CUT: The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller

Artist book

Edition: 500

13,4 cm x 19 cm

Self-published in 2020

The publication series aims to expose the anti-feminist structures of horror films and open up a view for something new. Supporting actresses will be given a platform to be celebrated as leading actresses.


Heather’s CUT CUT: The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller: This script acts with the three Heathers in the lead role. The setting is one of the few surviving Viennese drip baths, the Hermannbad in Hermanngasse. Here, previous research on European and US-American horror films is humorously transferred to the Viennese milieu and taken ad absurdum: Queerfeminist horror in Viennese. An alternative horror film storyboard is created using visual material taken especially for the book and reduced text based on existing horror film taglines (comic text type reference). The script will serve as a template for a future collaborative fictional Heathers film. However, the realisation of the depicted scenes is fictional for the time being. New narrative strands and narrative structures are to be challenged and thus new spaces of possibility created.


Performance documentation by:

Magdalena Ly

Graphic Design by:

Nora Jacobs