SUPER VÉRO - Set Up For An Art Exhibition (2013-2015)

SUPER VÉRO - Set Up For An Art Exhibition (2013-2015)

Installation, dimensions variable

8 museum posters (offset print, A0: 841 x 1189 mm), 1 stage element (dimensions variable, glitter, light tube, plywood), 3 MoMA boxes (284 x 184 x 137 mm), 1 pair of cheerleader sticks (epoxy resin, glitter and red and gold gift ribbons), 1 gun microphone (epoxy resin, gold), 2 -3 ponies (epoxy resin, glitter and synthetic hair), curtains (gold, patterned) and glitter (gold, disco and pink), 1 Super Véro Artist Fanzine (performative artist book, digital print, colour, matt, 160 x 227 mm, 64 pages) and 1 Plexiglas book holder.

“The very history of my CV is blown onto the stage with this performance.”


SUPER VÉRO_SET UP FOR AN ART INSTALLATION is an early retrospective of a shooting star, altar and auction house at the same time, a private museum of performance relics, packing remains and exhibition material. The relics tell the story of Super Véro, a young artist with the super CV, a blockbuster star, who can change her appearance whenever and wherever she wants and is wandering like a circus from exhibition to exhibition.

Super Véro embodies the analysis of successful market positions in performance and art history of the 20th/21st century. Incorporating historic works, which are now already brands under the motto SUPER VÉRO COPY ALL RIGHT and translating them into her own Super Véro artistic canon (glitter, glamour, fame).


‘C`est ne pas un CV. I declare I was here.’


Obvious lies and copies become an affront to the overall consuming art industry. The economics of the art market are supported and stabilized by instances of originality, authenticity and signature. A Super Véro CV messes with numbers, data, lists and curators.


‘MoMA, Met, Tate, Gagosian, Saatchi, brand after brand.’


Super Véro knows the rules of the so-called art market. She has studied them, internalized, turned them upside down. She calculates her manoeuvres, and places everything on winning.


‘I am STAGEd.’


Super Véro is never physically present, she let her products and relics speak for her. She courts the spotlight and international attention with every possible medium, then they know for sure: Self-marketing is the only survival strategy.


Text by Nina Lucia Gross and Raphael Dilhof



Super Véro Fanzine Graphic Design by:

Veronika Hösch & Irma Tulek

Super Véro Poster Photography by:

Veronika Hösch & Nobert Wabenig

Printed by:



Installation views by: 

Raffaela Bielesch, Sarah Hablützel, Veronika Hösch and Lea Klement


Lebenserhaltende Maßnahmen, PLAN – Raum für Kunst, Hamburg (DE), 2015

14 Kunstakt – Vermessung der Dinge, fwp – Fellner Wratzfeld Partner, Vienna (AT), 2014

Hey, production!, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), 2013