Live-performance, video documentation & collage 

Ester Rauch

Ester Rauch

Live performance & video documentation 

Duration: 2.44 min | Format: 16:9 HD

Collage: mounted on aluminium, 29,7 cm x 42,0 cm

The work of the fictional artist Ester Rauch was included in a legitimate art auction and was offered for sale as a regular lot. Performers were mixed among the audience, who were the real bidders. The performers also bid during the auction to push the price up. The performance ended after the estimated price – € 200, – of the lot was pushed and sold at € 1200,-. The auction of Ester Rauch’s work was recorded with a video camera. The video footage was then additionally sold off in the same auction.

The collage of Ester Rauch refers to the material artifacts that are produced during the process of performance notes. They are then commercially merchandised.
The performance questions the continuous history of artworks in public collections. Ester Rauch functions as a placeholder for any contemporary artist staging the debate on the gaps in art history. These gaps are the many numbers of artists that produced pieces that are not included in the often-narrow studies focused on just American and European art history.

Original and authorship are essential terms in an auction to establish profit and value of an artistic work. This situation is also connected with cumulative value and decreasing value of an artwork and calls into question the entire process of the auction itself.


Veronika Hösch in Co-Authorship with Roman Achitz, Andrea Jungmann, Suzie Léger, Yvonne Lliuya, Nicole Sabella, Teresa Novotny and the audience.


]a[uktion 2014, Atelierhaus Prospektof, Vienna (AT) 2014