Beep Beep Heather

Beep Beep Heather

Live radio performance and intervention in public space 

Duration: 2 days

A three-part performance was developed for the Innsbruck performance festival Vorbrenner 2014: RaumSprachen. On the opening night, the two horror film supporting actresses Heather and Heather sneaked into the foyer of the Freie Theater and welcomed the performance audience with a live horror sound backdrop. The following day, a radio performance was created in collaboration with Radio Freirad as part of a performance parcours through Innsbruck‘s city center, which was simultaneously broadcast into the urban space via analog radio devices carried by the parcours audience and interacted with the other performances. In the studio, the two Heathers conducted a dialogue in the form of an interview about their spent lives, peppered with lots of anecdotes. The material was based on the lives of supporting actresses or former



Vorbrenner 14, Innsbruck (AUT), 2014



Performance documentaion by Vorbrenner’14