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SUPER VÉRO_Opening Show

SUPER VÉRO_Opening Show


Video documentation: Duration: 09.20 min. | Format: 16:9 HD

Super Véro is a young artist with the ÜBER-CV who can change her gender and appearance at will. The artist herself is never physically present. Super Véro stands in my work as a placeholder for positions that are not visible and not linearly recorded in art history. The history of the CV itself becomes a performance stage and the question: Who is Super Véro? is negotiated and staged with an artist flash mob. In her work, appropriation as an artistic gesture is used twice: Me as an author inscribing Super Véro in the art history of the 21st century and in Super Véro’s canon of works itself. She declares SUPER VÉRO COPY ALL RIGHT to be her own artistic strategy. Super Véro is a search for traces of marketable positions in the performance and art history of the 20th/21st century. The Super Véro paradigm is critically questioned. The Super Véro Museum Poster Series is a D.I.Y.. Art History Celebration and at the same time an artistic model that other women artists can appropriate.

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Video documentation by: 

Roman Achitz

Photos by: 


Performance by:

Raffaela Bielesch, Veronika Burger, Katja Csanyiova, Clara Diemling, Verena Dürr, Johanna Fellner, Nina Herlitschka, Lisa Kortschak, Katharina Luksch,
Veronika Merklein, Denise Palmieri, Claudia Prinz, Sarah Rechberger, Nicole Sabella, Janine Maria Schneider, Clara Bro Uerkvitz, Conny Vognstrup, Verena Walzl and Dorothea Zeyringer


S/HE IS THE ONE, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (AT) 2013