Sound and  performative installation



Sound and performative installation

3 inverted swing elements (wood, cord and metall links)ca. 50 m² white foil

Duration: 4 hours


Your documentation is my documentation is my material is my next show.

That quote comes from the choreographic and spatial transformation of the live-performance KRRR 01 into the sound-installation KRRR 02. KRRR 02 was created at the Lenikus Studios.

On another evening, we re-arranged the performance props used from KRRR 01 in the space. This way, we established a relationship between both evenings. The live performance elements used were changed completely different way from their former function. For example, the three swings were installed up side down and fixed in their movement. The former live spoken sound-collage, which consisted of descriptions of scenes and background surroundings of popular horror movie scripts, was transferred via loud speakers into the space and attempted to recreate the former atmosphere.

KRRR is a continuation of collaboration with Nora Jacobs and Nicole Sabella from the former project KRRR 01 which was created at Ve.Sch in March 2013.



KRRR 02, Lenikus Studios, Friday Exit, Vienna (AT), 2013


Photography by Veronika Hösch, Nora Jacobs & Friday Exit

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