Videoperformance and installation 

Super Véro Piñata

Super Véro Piñata

Video performance and installation

Duration: 3. 56 min. – Format: 16:9 PAL | Saatchi gallery fan post cards: digital C-prints, 85 x 146 mm 

In this performance – Super Véro piñata – I experienced as Super Véro a common episode of a comic hero’s daily routine. Armed with a golden microphone column I am dealing with my Alter Ego piñata as a product. The performance setting included the freely suspended paper piñata – filled with sweets, surprises and pink-gold ribbons, a microphone with a column and the music band Tutti Fruttie Blondie, which played the song “Girl, you will be a woman soon” in a live loop during the whole performance. Super Véro doesn’t know any weariness in fighting against her piñata. The video documentation is framed in pink. Instead of blood and intestines – the body of the piñata is filled with sweets, pink-gold ribbons and surprises. By utilising the simplest potential effects of video as a medium, the piñata unmasks the technological miracle of Super Véro’s transformation and power.

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Music by:

Tutti Frutti Blondie

Concept, Cinematography, Videoperformance, Realisation & Post-Production by:

Veronika Burger


Over under and around next week bring in a new piece, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT), 2011