Live-performance loop and installation



Live-performance loop and installation | Duration: 4 hours

The performance takes place in the staircase of the Alte Saline Hallein, Salzburg. I decorated the spaces with a dozen happy birthday festoons. The letters of the festoons are arranged to new sentences about conditions of employment and time management. At the top of the staircase there is a public dressing room, which presents three working outfits (waitress, cleaning woman and student). In a live performance loop I slip into three different working identities, which are represented in the dressing room. Every 30 minutes the cycle is changing in the fitting room and a new cycle starts, where I am constantly climbing stairs. The duration changes documents my own struggles balancing my jobs with my art studies.


Identity, Alte Saline Hallein, Salzburg (AT), 2008



Photo documentary by:

Brigitte Kovacs, Tamas Oswald & Linda Thalmann


Video documentary by:

Erik Deutsch & Elisabeth Daly-Paris

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