Live and video performance 

(over-) above_level 4/ well come

{over-} above_level 4/ well come

Video performance 

Duration: 9 min. | Format: DV PAL, 16:9

During the video performance {over-} above level 4/ well come, Super Suzie and Super Véro board a Russian private jet in 80s style. From off-screen, the viewer hears our voices, which on the one hand tell of the difficulties and complications that can arise from an artistic collaboration, and on the other hand we start an attempt to summarise our experiences and confrontations with the so-called art market. The dialogue is based on the text by Philip Ausländer On the Performativity of Performance Documentation, allusions to the work of Yves Klein and Jane and Louise Wilson are included.


The plane crashes – does their collaboration end with it?


Concept, Performance & Post-Production by:

Veronika Hösch and Suzie Léger


Cinematography by:

Alexander Martinz, Bernhard Staudinger, Mario Strk and Tine Varesko


Editing by:

Alexander Martinz and Tine Varesko


Sound by:
Alexander Martinz


Vocals by:

Nicole Weniger


Translation by:
Boris Born, Udo Berger and David Lillington


Photo documentation by:
Bianca Theiss




Swanhotel Spezial, Konzerthaus brut, 2009

Ursula Blickle Videopreis 2009, Screening Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna 2009