Not realized audio book

(over-) above_level 3.1/ labyrinth

{over-} above_level 3.1/ labyrinth

Not realized audio book

Duration: 1 hour

{über-} hinaus is a performance series that Veronika Hösch and Suzie Léger have been developing reproductively since 2007. They transform ourselves into our self-chosen super identities and perform as Super Véro and Super Suzie. Through the constant transformation of costume, scenery and gestures, both elude a fixed attribution of identity. What remains is a fluid and phantasmagorical super-identity away from traditional patterns. They use the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus as a model for our stories. Starting from the setting of Vienna Schwechat Airport and its fictional transformation and appropriation, they construct spaces where, as the listening performance progresses, real and fictional space and time relationships increasingly dissolve, overlap and combine to form something new. They slip into our self-created and over-stylised super-characters, while they thematise the failure in the flight of fancy.




















Concept and Performance by:

Veronika Hösch and Suzie Léger



Photo documentation by:

Bodo Haas



Auf der Schwelle – Inszenierte Projekte, Beatrix Sunkovsky (Ed.), book presentation at Secession, Vienna, AT 2011