Live performance and installation

(over-) above_level 1.4/ art skating

{over-} above_level 1.4/ art skating

Live performance and installation

Duration: 3 hours

In the middle of the multipurpose hall of the Semper Depot, in the midst of art-producing applicants for admission to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, a square measuring 4 x 4 m is drawn with chalk. A lamp painted gold and silver has been converted into a raffle wheel and is placed next to the square. The lamp raffle is filled with about 230 orange slips of paper bearing the numbers of the applicants who made it to the second round of the entrance examination. In the middle of the square are two climbing harnesses and a climbing rope.

Super Suzie and Super Véro enter the setting dressed in black and blue pink figure skating outfits with glittering bathing caps. They take chalks and start marking a grid within the already drawn rectangle. Then they put on our climbing harnesses and skates and start the lamp raffle. The first one takes out a number ticket and hooks it into the middle of the rope with a carabiner. Super Suzie and Super Véro take up positions opposite each other on the edge lines of the field and start the tug-of-war. The winner of the round draws the lot for the next round. A new cycle starts from the beginning and repeats until all the candidates’ lots are used up. The chalk lines that are clear at the beginning dissolve more and more over the period of the perforamcne, miss each other and start to disappear towards the end. They tried to symbolise the situation and the feeling of being an applicant for an art degree. In view of this, Super Suzie and Super Véro thematise our own collaboration and our application as a collective to the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


Concept, Editing & Post-Production by:

Veronika Hösch and Suzie Léger

Video and photo documentation by:

Erik Norden and Claudia Rohrauer


Entrance exam at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Semperdepot, 2008