Live performance and installation

(over-) above_level 1.3/ cell

{over-} above_level 1.3/ cell

Live performance and installation

Duration: 3 hours

{over-} above_level 1.3/ cell is a parasitic performance installation in the stairwell of a former water quality office and the venue for a large art exhibition. The stairwell was lined with pink rubbish bags by Super Suzie and Super Véro, who transformed it into an oversized digestive tract. During the opening of the exhibition, this was continuously nourished with jelly-like fluid. The pus fluid was initiated with syringes through cannulas throughout the pink organism. The visitors to the opening entered the digestive tract and temporarily became part of the insatiable art digestive apparatus.


Cinematography, Editing, Concept & Post-Production by:

Veronika Hösch and Suzie Léger



Video and photo documentation by:

Erik Norden 



Die Zelle, staircase of the former water quality office in Vienna 1220, 2008