Live performance loop

(over-) above_level 1.2/ art aquarium

{over-} above_level 1.2/ art aquarium

Live performance loop and installation

Duration: 5 hours

Super Suzie and Super Véro present themselves as an artists’ collective. For one evening Super Suzie and Super Véro transform the window display of the bar at the Schikaneder cinema into an art aquarium. The super heroes swim, unsynchronised, through pop culture, glamour and entertainment.


They dress the window to look like an aquarium, blue with silver fans and small neon lights. The super heroes wear white ‘super moon’ catsuits. Baskets filled with water bombs are placed outside the aquarium installation. Veronika and Susanne change into gold and silver swimsuits and pink bathing caps. They swim until completely exhausted in order to convey something of how it feels right now to be student artists facing the prospect of the art market. The performance is divided into 20 cycles. Each cycle lasts 15 minutes, its beginning and end indicated by a small neon light on the window, which reads ‘Super’. After five hours Super Suzie and Super Véro slip into their moon catsuits, step out of their aquarium and take their blue plastic ocean with them.


Text by David Lillington


Cinematography, Editing, Concept & Post-Production by:

Veronika Hösch and Suzie Léger



Documentation by:

Patrick Muchenberger



Nie mehr allein, exhibition and performanc evening, shop window of the Schikaneder cinema, Vienna,  2008