Photo installation



Photo installation (27 photos à 15,25 x 10,16 cm with pink wool) 

Through my own years of working experience in the gastronomy industry, I have a special interest in working spaces and architecture. For the project LaAidaLaLa I developed a video still series with hand-sewn wool interventions. I visited all the branches of Aida as a customer and for each Vienna branch I chose one image in retrospect. The spatial edits in the manual post-production sometimes subtly sometimes more loudly step into the foreground or background and humorously mark individuality in an infinite impersonal space spread over 27 branches in Vienna. The handcrafted gesture that marks spatial interventions in the post-production is a deliberate contrast to the digital image processing of the video image. The pink thread itself accentuates the branding of the Aida brand and the fact that the catering and service sector is still dominated by women* and they are directly affected by their precarious employment.


Concept and photography by:

Veronika Hösch