Live performance and installation

(over-) above_level 1.1/ moon mania

{over-} above_level 1.1/ moon mania

Live performance and installation

Duration: 30 min.

The live performance {over-} above level 1.1/ moon mania. is an ode, a lyrical declaration of love to the moon. The stage is transformed into a blue plastic sea, the motion of which is simulated by fans, by a smoke machine and by the movements of the super heroes themselves. Suspended centre stage is a canvas onto which a picture of the moon is projected.


At the beginning of the performance Veronika and Susanne are seen on a TV screen. For six minutes they engage in an exaggeratedly earnest conversation about science and art. They discuss laws of attraction and the power of the moon. As the conversation ends Super Suzie and Super Véro, in gold and silver swim suits, rise from the blue ocean.


They slip into white ‘moon’ catsuits fitted with climbing harnesses, and begin their journey to the moon, expressing their great passion for it. Their expressions of desire end in hysterical convulsions of pleasure. The stage becomes a playground. Attaching themselves to it with climbing ropes, Super Suzie and Super Véro turn the canvas into a sail, finally wrapping themselves up in it.


Text by David Lillington


Cinematography, Editing, Concept & Post-Production by:

Veronika Hösch and Suzie Léger


Live vocals by:
Sarah Maria Rechberger


Documentation by:

Ulrike Kreuzer


{over-} above_level 1.1/ moon mania, one performance evening,

Freie Bühne Wieden, Vienna, AT 2007